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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ken Wxxxxxx Sr. Earns A Com-Post, Sort Of

So, a couple days ago I shared this pic on FB. (yeah, Facebook. So. Fucking. What?)

Photo: Since Obama isn't gonna do it, we the people can!!!! Please share and lower your flags in honor of one of our great heroes on March 2nd!!!!

The gist being since Obamessiah didn't see fit to honor the one man who earned the nickname "The Devil" from the evil fucks who are trying to destroy the U.S., NO not the democrats, the Taliban.Or Al Qaeda. Or whatever the fuck you want to call the evil goat-fuckers raining down all the hate on our great freedom-giving (although less and less) nation.

Well, a couple of my FB friends shared it from my page.And on one of their page's someone, apparently an Obama ass-kissing herd-follower, took issue with it. He stated that there were "criteria" for issuing a half-staff proclamation and linked to some website that briefly and poorly paraphrased the U.S. code concerning the U.S. flag.

I linked to a more apropos site and he challenged me. Now, this was taking place on someone elses FB page and I find that inappropriate. So, I attempted to shut it down right there. BUT, he being the fine upstanding sheeple, wouldn't let it drop and decided to try condescension. Heh heh heh. Fuck you, asshole.
You just went global.

                                                   (click it if your eyes are as bad as mine)

Just that first comment shows you how sharp of an individual we're dealing with here. LOL. Shit, I'm half in the bag and can type more literate than that numbfuck. Did I say fuck him yet? Yeah? Well, FUCK him again.

Hey, Ken W? MY flag will be at half staff on March 2nd. Fuck you and fuck Obama. That son of bitch  IS a disgrace and you're just another numbfuck too ignorant to get it.

And I couldn't give a fuck what you think about any of it.Go abort yourself. hehehe

1 comment:

Just John said...

Too late for an abortion. Let's just hope he hasn't bred yet.