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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Having Fun In Public or Why It's Fun To Be Me

Mrs. Dan O and I were at Sam's Club one night last week and there was a wares hawker at the end of the lotions & potions aisle.

She came up to us, greeted us, then said, "Put your wrist out."

Mrs. Dan O told her not if it had anything to do with perfume because she has asthma & allergies. The lady said "No nothing like that.", but then looked at me and said "How about you, will you stick your wrist out?"

I asked warily, looking suspiciously around behind her, "Why do you have handcuffs?"
She smiled, let out a little laugh and said, "No. I don't have any handcuffs."

I replied, "Then what fun is that?" and walked away.

1 comment:

Cappy said...

Same thing happened once at the Whole Foods checkout, before Passover. Told my lady "I love The Ten Commandments - screw this slavery and follow Chuck Heston. He's got more guns, anyway!"

I have now been banned for life from Whore Foods.