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Friday, February 20, 2015

Not Only Is It Cold In Northeast Ohio...

...but, Hell may have frozen over.

I have a Twitter account. Yep I have zipped into the 21st Century kicking and screaming all the way. O.K, grumbling and sneering is closer to the truth. I still think that 99% of the twitosphere is garbage, much like the blogosphere, but it has it's uses. I suppose.

My view of Twitter was always, "What the fuck?! NOBODY needs to be that connected. There is so much garbage on there, who needs that? Well, nobody needs it. Nobody. But, a new local talk show started this month by a local host on a Cleveland radio station and the primary communication to the show is through Twitter. And I wanted to be able to contribute my 2 cents occasionally.

So, I'll not be some major contributor (Tweeter?) to the ubiquitous Tweetscape but, I will occasionally Tweet (sorta like I occasionally blog) when the mood strikes.

I have yet to register my cell phone to Twitter as I currently receive enough bullshit calls to it w/o inviting even more opportunities for the spammeister fucks to bombard me even more. Fucking telemarketers ruin everything, don't they?

So, if you are so inclined to send this twit a tweet, you can do so @DanOinOhio.

Cheers all, and until next time, SEE ya.  

1 comment:

Joecephus said...

Welcome to the 21st century. :)

I wish Bob was on the afternoon drive so I could listen to him on my commute home from work.