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Friday, May 1, 2015

Ignorance Is Burning Your Own City Down In Support Of A Criminal

I have a high school education, military technical training, and over half of century of life experience and absolutely no understanding of how burning and looting your city have any impact on "justice" for a dead criminal.

The more this happens, the more ignorant the reactions appear. With a very few exceptions, no one has died that didn't instigate the whole process by first being a criminal and then further their own demise by refusing to cooperate with the response to their criminal activity, regardless of race. I.e., following law enforcement directives which resulted from that criminal activity.

Don't act like a thug and you won't die like a thug. This includes rioting and looting in response to a thug's injury or death. Breaking the law has consequences. Breaking more laws in response to criminal activity makes less sense than the original offense. You aren't expediting justice. You are perpetrating ignorance. Burning down and/or looting your neighborhood makes you as criminally guilty as the thug for which you claim to be requiring justice. And makes you appear more ignorant and uneducated.

Don't commit acts which will draw the attention of law enforcement and law enforcement won't interact. It IS that simple. No one has died that didn't instigate the involvement of LEO by their own actions. Don't live as a criminal, don't die a criminal.


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Lewis Burwell said...

"They shot one of our homies; free TVs for everyone!"