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Friday, July 24, 2015

People Have NO Respect (Shocking, I know)

I’d like to send out a hearty “Hi-de-ho” and a heartier “Fuck you!” to the oblivious, idiot people who walked on, pushed a stroller over and allowed the idiot kid with them to roam all over my freshly planted grass seed like it was a playground last night.

You know, that small area in my tree lawn with the fresh straw covering it? What did you think, that I was feeding the wild horses wandering the neighborhood? Leaving a snack out on the happenstance a meandering holstein cruised my street?

Hope you enjoyed the parade and the Lion’s Festival. Hope you choked on some home-fries and inhaled an elephant ear. Fucking morons and the people who raise them.

P.S. I know the targets of my derision will never see this, but just in case someone hears people talking about the crazy old bastard on his front porch cussing them out, yeah, that was me. People need to show some respect when they’re on other people’s property and think about more than just themselves and their own enjoyment. Every July our tree lawn becomes a trash receptacle. Last night, the trash had legs.

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