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Friday, December 11, 2015

Absence Makes The Blog Reader(s?) Disappear

Miss me? Yeah, right.

Same old story. Lots to write about; lots of ideas for posts; big fat ZERO initiative to do so.

Peripherally keeping an eye on the POTUS pre-primary pandemonium. More just to get an idea on who will be left to vote for in the Spring. Makes no difference who I like or don't like in the race cluster-fuck going on right now. Picked someone during last crazy season and he wasn't around by the time I walked in to vote. So, this time I'm not even considering anyone until the ink is dry on the ballots*.

In other news, Obama still sucks camel dick and supports Muslim refugees terrorists fleeing into our sinking nation.

That is all for now. Time to make the doughnuts.**

*Yes, I know the ballots are merely 1's & 0's stored in silicon based integrated circuitry and only appear as back-lighted pixels on an  LCD display screen to form letters, numbers & characters. Fuck. Off.

**No, I don't work in a bakery or make doughnuts. I chase 'trons.

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