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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cigars International, Just The Latest Addition To My Shit List

Timeline on how to lose my business.

Feb. 10: I placed an order for cigars with a place I've ordered from for probably 8 years, Cigars International. Normally, actually always, they ship the next business day and I get them in 2 - 3 days.

Feb. 13: I checked my email expecting a shipping confirmation (I'd gotten the order confirmation on Friday). No email so, I went on line to check the order status. "No recent orders" was what I found under My Account. WTF? I sent a message via their online Customer Service contact form.

Feb. 14: (Not feeling the love): Next morning I had a reply that they'd experienced problems with a computer upgrade and I would be getting an email as soon as the order shipped. Fine. I get computer SNAFUs.

Feb. 16: Seriously? Just how fucking incompetent are your IT people? Still no shipping confirmation email; no order in My Account online. So, time to call, talk to a live person and find out if they were hacked by the Russians or if they were sharing Hillary's server that she wiped. They were so busy that after 15 minutes on hold I opted for their callback option. Left all pertinent info and was promised a callback before the end of Customer Service hours that day (they're open until 11pm). Place order for 5 pack from Famous Smoke Shop to hold me over.

Feb. 20: Still no email or callback (no weekend Customer Service hours so it's technically only been 2 days since the same-day callback promise). heh. Go online; still no order showing up; go to Customer Service contact form to try that again. Explain to them the timeline so far; explain how they could be handling this better by posting updates on their website or sending an email blast to all customers with outstanding orders. Hit [Submit] and get an error message. Tried several more times. No go. Copied my message and pasted in a PM on their FB page.

Feb. 22: Received Famous Smoke Shop order.

Feb. 23: Still no ship confirmation; no order history; no callback; no working online contact form; no callback; no reply to FB message; no post on website or Facebook informing customers of what's going on.

Place call to Customer Service and let it ring for 4 minutes; not even a fucking recorded message answers now.

BUT, they're still sending out emails about their "deals" and the website still appears to be operational except for Customer Service, of course.

How the fuck do you run a business like that? I've given them plenty of opportunity to make this right. I had to since I've never found deals, on cigars I can afford and enjoy every day, anywhere else. But, now I can't even get a hold of them to tell them to "Piss-off!".


Joe said...

I had the same experience with CI in about that same timeframe. I placed an order on Friday. I never got an emailed order confirmation or anything. They charged my account then nothing. The stogies appeared on Thursday the next week, but it was weird not to get a shipping notice or anything.

But my Alec Bradleys were cheap!

Dan O. said...

I have never gotten a ship confirmation either and as recently as last night through Facebook messaging, was informed my order was in packaging and would be hitting the truck soon. Got a box today with the bundles I ordered but, none of the singles. Getting ready to go check out wtf is up with that.

Honestly, there is no place to get the deals you get there and I probably will remain a customer. I smoke a cigar nearly everyday and I can't afford for them to be high-end. I order the singles so that I can enjoy a really nice cigar once a week. The ones I smoke daily are actually pretty good for their cost. I won't smoke anything that I don't enjoy.

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, Joe! Cheers!