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Friday, February 10, 2017

Mental Idiot Road Rages Over A Digital Expression

I got a free coffee on my way to work this morning. Well truthfully, my truck got a free coffee. Some moron in a white SUV tailgated me all the way up 301 (I was pacing the vehicles ahead of me at a safe distance at 55 - 60 MPH) and of course, passed me as soon as we entered the highway even though I was at 70 MPH by the time I reached the merge point.

I offered a hand gesture to relay that they were welcome to drive on by as fast as they want now that I was no longer a rolling obstacle in their manic drive to get to a job they probably bitch about all day. I can say a LOT with just a finger.

But wait! There's more! All of sudden Mr. or Ms. "I'm-in-a-hurry-and-everyone-is-in-my-way" wasn't in a hurry any longer. Seems my token gesture of goodwill so angered the driver that I had to be taught a lesson. The lesson being that when in a hurry and getting flipped off, one must move over and apply brakes in front of person doing the flipping.

Fine. Me: Turn on left turn signal; move to left and pass formerly-in-a-hurry-asshole. As I pass I hear a thwump, yes a thwump. Well, what would you call it? Fucking moron who was in such a hurry just threw their apparently still full coffee cup at me.

I continued to pass and move over and continue on my way. The now coffee-less asshole passes me again and tries the whole braking thing, again. Really? This person seriously needs mental evaluation. I apply high beams, he or she decides to be in a hurry again and speeds off.

Me: SMH LMFAO. I still have my cup of hot coffee. :)


Joe said...

I see that guy on the road all of he time.

Dan O. said...

I'm sure you do! Amazing how pissed off someone can get from being shown a single digit. I usually just flip 'em back or point & laugh. I certainly don't risk wrecking my vehicle over it.

Stay safe, Joe!