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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

GLW Broadband The Latest On My List Of Companies With Piss-Poor Service

Welcome to another (lack of) customer service diatribe.
Or as I like to call it: Dan O’s rant #743.

A week ago this past Sunday, on June 11, I was watching Netflix around 2pm when it went into a never ending buffering that wasn’t buffering anything. I go check the modem and it’s cycling through trying to reconnect. I powered it and my router down; powered the modem back on; still no connection. Unplugged the modem again and went back out and started watching a DVD.

After a movie, I tried the modem again and still no connection. Called the cable company GLWB, which I’m pretty sure stands for Great Lengths Without Broadband, and left a message figuring they were having an outage in the area. Went out and mowed the lawn and when I came back in and plugged the modem in it connected. Cool. Problem solved. Until a couple hours later.

This on gain-off again continued throughout the next 2 days. So, on Tuesday when I got home from work I called again. No they weren’t having any other reports in the area and they’d send someone out as soon as possible. I had no clue that meant it could be days.

Wednesday night and Thursday it was still connecting periodically. Which is to say, it was disconnected more often than connected. At least during our waking hours. Who knows what it was doing overnight. So, Thursday afternoon I called again. That’s for the 3rd time for those keeping score. By this time, since I had done a little checking into the connections and such, I was convinced the modem was flaking out. That’s a technical term we use in the electronics biz. ;) So, when I inquired on whether not anyone had been out to check my service yet and was told no but, they would be out on Friday, I mentioned that I was pretty sure the modem was at fault.

“Well, first they’ll check the outside and verify whether it’s out there. Then they’ll call the office to let us know and if they need to come in we’ll give you a call. He'll have a modem with him so he can swap it out if that's the problem”.

Really? Service guy can’t just come to the door and ring the fucking doorbell? (I only said this in my head. See, I’m not as grumpy as you may think.)

 I said, “Good. Will they be here in the morning or afternoon so we can watch for them.”
“It will be sometime after 11am.”

Ah, narrowing it down to a 6 hour window. Nice.

“O.k., we’ll be sure to be here.”

We stayed home all day Friday and every time I heard a vehicle door I got up to see if it was the We’ll-get-to-it-when-we-can-service-guy.
5 o’clock came and went. The internet was still coming and going.

Saturday morning, Mrs. Dan O said, “The internet is down, you should call them.”

“Nope. I’ve called them 3 times. We’re just not going to pay for however many days it takes them to fix it.”

So, she called and was told they were out on Friday and discovered everything outside was good and the problem was inside. No explanation for why there was no contact with us initiated by them.
They promised to be here Monday (June 19) between 9 – 11am.

It was then that I decided bullshit. I know it’s the modem. So, I disconnected the modem, took it to the office, set it on the counter and said “I want a new modem.” The young guy (I’ve been an electronics technician longer than he’s been breathing) behind the counter grabs it and says, “Let me go test this one first.”
“No. That won’t do any good. It’s an intermittent problem”
“Oh, well then it’s more likely to be the cable or something else.”
“No. you guys checked everything outside and said it was fine.“
“It could still be the cable or a splitter.”
“No. You guys replaced the inside cable and the drop to the house 2 to 3 years ago and there isn't a splitter inside on an internet cable.”
“Well, the cable can go bad in 2 –3 years.”
“An inside cable? Not so much. Just give me the new modem. If I install it and it fixes the problem, we’ll call you Monday morning and cancel the appointment.”
“Well, you should keep the appointment. It could still be something else.”

In my head: Oh, BULLSHIT! There’s only the cable and the modem and my experience tells me it’s the modem which IS the only. other. "something else".

“Fine. Give me the new modem.”

Came home and installed the modem around 10:30am. Saturday. Internet has been up without fail since.
And no one from GLWB showed up or called on Monday. Or since.

Great customer service and techs you’ve got there

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