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Friday, July 7, 2017

Once Again I Begin The Dreaded New Car Purchase Fiasco

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate buying a new vehicle? I know I have. And no, it's not because of the money I have to let go of. Well, it's not JUST the money.

It's the salesperson. (See that? I went all PC on ya there, even though I've never met a female salesperson at a car dealership. Ever.) They make me into a bullying asshole and that's hard for me. The bullying part. Not the asshole part. I love that shit. Fuck with me and I'm walking out.

I mention this because, (UGH!), we start one of the most-hated-processes-to-me (well, there is that whole prostate check thing), tomorrow.

Wish us and the salesfuck we draw the best of luck.


Joe said...

I hate buying cars. I hate car salesmen. I spent all day Monday helping my son buy a car.

One place weren't did have a female salesperson. She had a real attitude, but then so did everyone at that dealership. When I asked her why we should buy car X from her when the EXACT same car -- same color, model, interior, features, 2K miles difference -- was more than $3,000 cheaper down the road, her response was because that was the price.

We bought the other car.

Just John said...

So, how did it go? Did you make anyone cry?

Dan O. said...

You do live. Hadn't heard from you in a long while. Miss your blog posts!

No, no tears. Bought my wife a 2017 Rav4 AWD. She's happy (happy wife, happy life) the dealer's happy. Still hate the whole process. All the up-sells they try to push on you gets tiresome. Said "no" more times throughout the deal than a 4 year old being told to do something.