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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Never in my formerly pharmaceutical-expanded mind, nor in my wildest most outlandish nightmare, would I ever have thought our 2 primary choices come any November Presidential election, would we have to choose between 2 lesser qualified candidates than the current Obuffoon currently occupying the White House.

Oh please, let some covert team of assassins do us all a favor. Two shots; two kills.

I really don't think the country needs the extended turmoil either of these two are bound to maintain, if not expand.

One thing is for sure. The ignorant voters have exponentially out numbered the rest of us these last few elections. The dumbing-down of America has won. But, we ALL lose.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My First Impression When I Saw This Sign...

...was "Why the fuck would anyone buy a "FAT" sign?"

Friday, December 11, 2015

Absence Makes The Blog Reader(s?) Disappear

Miss me? Yeah, right.

Same old story. Lots to write about; lots of ideas for posts; big fat ZERO initiative to do so.

Peripherally keeping an eye on the POTUS pre-primary pandemonium. More just to get an idea on who will be left to vote for in the Spring. Makes no difference who I like or don't like in the race cluster-fuck going on right now. Picked someone during last crazy season and he wasn't around by the time I walked in to vote. So, this time I'm not even considering anyone until the ink is dry on the ballots*.

In other news, Obama still sucks camel dick and supports Muslim refugees terrorists fleeing into our sinking nation.

That is all for now. Time to make the doughnuts.**

*Yes, I know the ballots are merely 1's & 0's stored in silicon based integrated circuitry and only appear as back-lighted pixels on an  LCD display screen to form letters, numbers & characters. Fuck. Off.

**No, I don't work in a bakery or make doughnuts. I chase 'trons.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Software Companies or Hackers; It's A Close Call

For my birthday last month Mrs. Dan O gave me some cash and told me to buy myself a new laptop. So, I shopped around for a few days and picked one out at Newegg.com.*

"So, how do you like it Dan O?" Glad you asked. The computer itself is great. The software, from the Windows 7 OS to the McAfee interference...uh, I mean internet security, is a big pain in the ass. Nothing new, really. Every time I turn on the computer, all these programs want to update themselves and I end up not doing anything because all the downloading of updates consume the little bandwidth I have.

McAfee is gone. Deleted that intrusive piece of shit software right away. And everything else is on strict orders not to auto-update. I bought the computer for ME, NOT the software, to use.

In case anyone is wondering why I went with Windows 7 vs. 8, 8.1 or the upcoming 10, well I'll tell you. I've heard nothing but complaints from people who have used 8. 8.1 is supposed to address some of those complaints, but......I've heard that before.

I researched Windows 10 and found that it is the most intrusive, data collecting, telemetry sending and privacy ignoring Windows to date. I read one report that stated there was no way you could completely stop the data collecting and transfer to Evil Bill Gates' Software Empire. Even if all indications are you've shut the options off, there is still background data transfers going on without your knowledge or agreement.

 Of course the EBGSE would disagree. They would tell you that IF you bother to read all 1,915.5 pages of the EULA, that by clicking [I Accept], you agreed to give them permission to come in and screw your cat, drink milk from the carton in your refrigerator and  piss in the corner of your bedroom, among other even more intrusive endeavors.

So, it's either [I Accept], or you just bought yourself a nifty little decorative drink coaster.
YOU don't own or control anything on your computer. You pay to simply install THEIR software, which then collects YOUR usage data and sends it to the Mother Ship.

The biggest cyber threat is no longer the hackers. It is the software developers themselves. The hackers may be doing you a favor by destroying your computer's data.

* Tried going to Best Buy, but self-consumed mom with 2 year old in shopping cart was tying up 5 laptops at once, (the very ones I was interested in, of course) while trying to keep the little one pacified. Yeah, that was working real well. Hint: Leave the rugrats at home unless you're shopping at Toys-R-Us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Ran Away

REALLY?!  I am shocked. I'd run away, too.

By the way, is anyone surprised  Rosie O'Donnell's daughter has  mental issues?