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Monday, January 28, 2019

Frankenstein's Monster Lives

I started this blog in December of 2006 as merely a place to come share anecdotes, share some humor and  relieve some stress by blowing off steam about one thing or another that was bothering me at the time.

During the dreadful Obama years it was mostly political stuff.

I was never prolific or on any kind of schedule of when I would post. Just whenever I happened to be on the computer and something inspired me (or pissed me off). I spent most of my online time reading others' blogs who were much more diligent in posting. You can still find some of those I frequented to the right in my blogroll. Though I've not kept it updated over the last 2 or 3 years that this blog has been dormant.

Every couple of years or so, I would just clear the archive and start anew. Still never maintaining a steady enough stream or interesting enough content to lure any followers. Oh sure, there were 3 or 4 who would stop in drop a comment occasionally. But, that was never a concern for me. With all the very-prolific and talented writers abound in the blogosphere at the time, mine was just a piece of confetti washed down the storm sewer along with a million others.

Still, I would enjoy the opportunity to throw something out on occasion when something inspired me to take to the keyboard and type my own brand of drivel in prose. And with my recent ban from Facebook for 3 days, which I laugh off because I routinely only log into FB once  a week at most and once a month more often, I thought hey, good time to revive the blog (kinda like Frankenstein's monster, can you revive something that was never alive?) and say "fuck-you" to Zuckerberg's "Community Standards" farce.

Dear Mark,

Sorry your sense of humor is nonexistent. I wear getting banned from your site like a badge of honor. You and your mindless snowflake minions think it actually means something to ban people from your safe space. Like you alone are the arbiter of how much free speech one is allowed to have.

Facebook is so unimportant to me that I will likely ban myself from it for much longer than your 3 day pittance. I know you won't miss me since I never click on any advertisement or the junk links you drop into my news stream. And I for sure will not be missing you.

Fuck You Sincerely,
Dan O

I've Got Your Community Standards Right Here, Mark

Facebook Launches New Guide for Muslims – How to report ...

Well, That Explains A LOT

The gallery for --> Anti Conservative Meme

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Banned From Facebook for Posting This Meme LMFAO

2/15 Edit: Can't believe I just had to re-upload this image. I'm guessing maybe some butt-hurt, whiny-ass punk whined to Google Gestapo or some tool at Google took it upon them self to censor it. If you're going to provide a platform for people to express themselves, then censor shit that sensitive snowflakes find offensive, well....the fuck is this, Russia? There is NO RIGHT to NOT BE OFFENDED.

Understand people have differing points of view and move the fuck on.  That's what I do when I see something I disagree with. But no, other people have to go running to the Censor Nazis to save their precious jelly-like psyches. Buck-up snowflake. As my disclaimer above states, don't like it, move on and don't come back.

It IS that simple!