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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Open Post To The Marketing Department At Columbia Service Partners

I get several marketing letters/literature a month from the same companies over and over. Some have been going on for years.

Message to Marketing Assholes: If you send out material and get NO REPLY from many attempts, chances are I AM NOT INTERESTED. You are wasting your marketing and, by extension, any current customers' money.

For the umpteenth time, I received today mailbox fodder from "Columbia Service Partners", an offer for gas line repair insurance. Good only for lines from the output of the meter up to any appliances inside the house. No outside lines, even if they're after the meter.

Even though "Columbia" is in their name, they print no less than 3 times in the enclosed documentation that they are in no way associated with my gas supplier, Columbia Gas. Of course they hope nobody reads their disclaimers.

Anyway, they say if you wish to stop future offers to call their toll free number. But, instead I find it more convenient to use their provided SASE to correspond this message.

To quote one of my favorite movies, "You must be stupid, stupid, stupid" to think repeatedly sending this stuff to people who never reply and therefore must have NO INTEREST in your services.

Maybe this will clear it up for them:

But, probably not. Numbfucks.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fuck Microsoft And Facebook

For some reason for the last 4 or 5 days I get an error on FB trying to upload pics from my Windows 7 laptop. Still works fine from my XP desktop PC.

I am sure it has something to do with Windows updates but, uninstalling updates installed since my last successful upload to FB hasn't helped. And obviously I'm still able to upload pics here. So, must be a Windows/FB incompatibility.

Ah, fuck it. Getting bored of FB anyway. Pictures like the one above are mostly what I post anyway. Or ones of me holding the glass and 'gar. Occasionally, I'll post a pic or link to a blog post.

Until next time, sssmoke 'em if yo got 'em and Cheers!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Not That Anyone Drops By Anymore

I started this blog a little over 10 years ago mostly just for self-therapy of venting whatever was on my mind at the time. I never expected to get a following and I wasn't surprised that I didn't.

I just like having a place to vent and occasionally just tell a quick story of my mostly dull life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life. It's just not that interesting to anyone else.

I never posted too regularly and I'm sure that's why people didn't feel compelled to check-in regularly. And along came the whole Obama "thing" and many of my rants were politically motivated and even fewer paid any notice. But, it was still therapeutic for me and I continued at even sparser content for many years.

Well, Obama is gone and Hillary (the 2nd coming of Obama as far as I'm concerned) was thankfully  handed her walking papers. Even though Trump wasn't my choice in the Primaries he was obviously the only viable choice in the General election and the more I heard the more I liked him as a candidate. Of course the fucking liberals are insuring that every appointee or action he (or Congress) attempts is met with derision and resistance. I believe his heart and mind are indeed trying to MAGA but, the minority, supported by the MSM, are disrupting the process like petulant, spoiled 5year-olds.

Therefore, I am more and more becoming more disenfranchised by politics and being pulled to my formerly apathetic state of mind about it. In other words, what's going to happen will happen with or without my 2 cents being voiced and I have more personal matters to pay attention to. So, if and when I post here for the foreseeable future it will be non-political in nature.

I will still participate in elections and let my representatives hear my opinion on certain matters but, otherwise mostly disengage from the political climate in general. It just gets to be a drag watching the immovable force of opposition to actual forward progress in correcting all the damage done in the last 8+ years.

So, from now on I intend to refrain from political discourse here.

Until my next therapeutic release, SEE-ya!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Brief Com-Post*

*check the sidebar for a definition.

I haven't done a Com-Post in years but, in responding to Joe's post When Caesar Crossed the Rubican River  I realized my comment was a prime example of a Com-Post*.

I learned long ago not to go too deep with any subject, especially my work, when talking with Mrs. Dan O. She will still occasionally ask me, "How was work?". My pat answer, repeated for well over a decade every time is, "It was work." Hell, even MY eyes glaze over whenever I try to explain to anybody what it is I do. It's not that deep really, it's just if you don't have the technical background, I might as well just do the "Charlie Brown's mom voice": "wah wah wah wah-wah-wah." Kind of like what I hear when management talks.

I often quote Elton John at work. "All this science I don't understand; it's just my job five days a week" and mean it.

I also will, on the rare occasion, throw out a movie or music reference to a situation that nobody get but me. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cigars International, Just The Latest Addition To My Shit List

Timeline on how to lose my business.

Feb. 10: I placed an order for cigars with a place I've ordered from for probably 8 years, Cigars International. Normally, actually always, they ship the next business day and I get them in 2 - 3 days.

Feb. 13: I checked my email expecting a shipping confirmation (I'd gotten the order confirmation on Friday). No email so, I went on line to check the order status. "No recent orders" was what I found under My Account. WTF? I sent a message via their online Customer Service contact form.

Feb. 14: (Not feeling the love): Next morning I had a reply that they'd experienced problems with a computer upgrade and I would be getting an email as soon as the order shipped. Fine. I get computer SNAFUs.

Feb. 16: Seriously? Just how fucking incompetent are your IT people? Still no shipping confirmation email; no order in My Account online. So, time to call, talk to a live person and find out if they were hacked by the Russians or if they were sharing Hillary's server that she wiped. They were so busy that after 15 minutes on hold I opted for their callback option. Left all pertinent info and was promised a callback before the end of Customer Service hours that day (they're open until 11pm). Place order for 5 pack from Famous Smoke Shop to hold me over.

Feb. 20: Still no email or callback (no weekend Customer Service hours so it's technically only been 2 days since the same-day callback promise). heh. Go online; still no order showing up; go to Customer Service contact form to try that again. Explain to them the timeline so far; explain how they could be handling this better by posting updates on their website or sending an email blast to all customers with outstanding orders. Hit [Submit] and get an error message. Tried several more times. No go. Copied my message and pasted in a PM on their FB page.

Feb. 22: Received Famous Smoke Shop order.

Feb. 23: Still no ship confirmation; no order history; no callback; no working online contact form; no callback; no reply to FB message; no post on website or Facebook informing customers of what's going on.

Place call to Customer Service and let it ring for 4 minutes; not even a fucking recorded message answers now.

BUT, they're still sending out emails about their "deals" and the website still appears to be operational except for Customer Service, of course.

How the fuck do you run a business like that? I've given them plenty of opportunity to make this right. I had to since I've never found deals, on cigars I can afford and enjoy every day, anywhere else. But, now I can't even get a hold of them to tell them to "Piss-off!".

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mental Idiot Road Rages Over A Digital Expression

I got a free coffee on my way to work this morning. Well truthfully, my truck got a free coffee. Some moron in a white SUV tailgated me all the way up 301 (I was pacing the vehicles ahead of me at a safe distance at 55 - 60 MPH) and of course, passed me as soon as we entered the highway even though I was at 70 MPH by the time I reached the merge point.

I offered a hand gesture to relay that they were welcome to drive on by as fast as they want now that I was no longer a rolling obstacle in their manic drive to get to a job they probably bitch about all day. I can say a LOT with just a finger.

But wait! There's more! All of sudden Mr. or Ms. "I'm-in-a-hurry-and-everyone-is-in-my-way" wasn't in a hurry any longer. Seems my token gesture of goodwill so angered the driver that I had to be taught a lesson. The lesson being that when in a hurry and getting flipped off, one must move over and apply brakes in front of person doing the flipping.

Fine. Me: Turn on left turn signal; move to left and pass formerly-in-a-hurry-asshole. As I pass I hear a thwump, yes a thwump. Well, what would you call it? Fucking moron who was in such a hurry just threw their apparently still full coffee cup at me.

I continued to pass and move over and continue on my way. The now coffee-less asshole passes me again and tries the whole braking thing, again. Really? This person seriously needs mental evaluation. I apply high beams, he or she decides to be in a hurry again and speeds off.

Me: SMH LMFAO. I still have my cup of hot coffee. :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

America's Recovery Begins Today, January 20, 2017

On The First Day Of Recovery

Don't kid yourself. Obama occupying the White House was an addiction. An addiction of the low-life scum he aided and abetted by giving them free shit. Free to them.

As Betsy DeVos reminded Senile Senator Bernie Socialist Sanders the other day, Nothing is truly free. Somebody has to pay for it. The problem is, the people getting "stuff" for free and their enablers in the Communist Socialist Democratic party, don't give a shit who pays for it as long as it isn't any of them.

The reason for the protests riots by the media-brainwashed, gimme-free-shit-for-life-junkies is they know the supply route for free stuff is in jeopardy. So, what do these grey-matter-lacking morons do? Why, they break windows of businesses that have nothing to do with the election and in most cases probably sided with them in the election. They cause other massive property damage, both private and public. They start fires. They throw things at Law Enforcement Officers.

Way to show your well-known true colors, Assholes.

A gang of overgrown kindergartners throwing stompy foot tantrums because their free toys are getting taken away. Fucking WAH!

President Trump is the interventionist who's going to start the recovery process. And these goons would rather riot and destroy things than take what's coming. Or should I say lose what's being taken away. No free fix today Snowflakes. You're headed for withdrawal and you can't stand it. So, you break shit. Just what the fuck does that prove besides you're all ill-educated on what America is and hooked on what your Communist educators brainwashed you into believing it should be.

Look, we felt just as screwed and raw when Obama was elected. And then ignorantly reelected. But, show me any instance of Republicans rioting. Were there protests. Hell yeah! Ever heard of the TEA Party? But, did they riot and break things? Or did they organize and communicate their wishes through proper & legal channels? Let me get this one for you, Binky-Suckers. It's the latter.

So, the sooner you grow-up and stop the insanity, the sooner America's true recovery can begin. Actually, as of Noon today, it did begin. But, with your craniums implanted deep up your colons, you're going to miss it. Hopefully while rotting in some jail cell in Mexico. That's right, time to deport the real deplorable's.

I realize this message is lost and wasted  on those who are opposing President Trump. That's what they do. They blame the wrong people for their misconstrued misgivings; they riot; they destroy everything in their path that isn't theirs and some things that are theirs. Their neighborhoods. Their towns. Their cities.

It's time these people get a real education in Law Enforcement and properly educated in the American Way. Not their Socialist way.

Breaking shit doesn't fix shit. Get it? No? Figures.