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Friday, September 25, 2020

Red Green on Saying Goodbye

You Have To Be As Disingenuous And Mentally ill As Joe To Vote For Him.


In-Person Voters In Ohio "Encouraged" To Follow Mask "Recommendations"

From Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose's website (Bolds are mine):

The Ohio Voting Safety Plan sets in place guidance that will enhance the ability of county boards of elections to keep their voters and election officials safe. The plan sets in place 48 points that include the following:

  • Routine cleaning of voting machines and e-pollbooks
  • Mask requirements and regular hand washing for all poll workers
  • Social distancing recommendations
  • Making curbside voting available

All voters will be encouraged to wear a mask, just as the vast majority of Ohioans do at the grocery store or a restaurant. It’s important to note that while the Secretary of State may put requirements in place for election officials, no one can or should be able to  prevent electors from casting their ballot, even if the elector chooses not to follow the recommendations in place to protect poll workers and other voters. In addition to opportunities to vote early by mail and early in-person, voters choosing to cast their ballot on election day will have the option to vote curbside if they are physically unable to enter a polling location.

 "Encouraged" and "recommendations" being key words. NO ONE can force you to follow a "recommendation". Don't let poll workers bully you. Stand for what's right.

The data doesn't support Gov. DeWine's mandates. Time to unmask Ohio. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Dictator DeWine (Deservedly) Gets Booed At Ohio Trump Rally

Click link to read the story:

Dictator DeSwine Gets Booed 

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving little twunt. The little punk governor drunk on power needs to be booted sooner than later.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

More Info About Masks The Sheeple Won't Approve Of

 Click the link to read the article:

Why Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19

No rant from me this time. Just read the article. Careful though or you might learn something.

Mask Are Useless; A Summary Citing 42 References

Read the article at the link below:

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science 

 You have to be stupid not to get it by now. You're listening to politicians, media assholes (formerly known as journalists) and doctors on the government payrolls.

Research for yourself. There's way too much opposing evidence for it not to have credence.

Hell, even the CDC, The New England Journal of Medicine and others have published papers in the past on the ineffectiveness of masks. Only after Covid-19 and the misguided mask mandates did they change their minds. Something is wrong when this happens. 

What started out as a potentially deadly pandemic has evolved into a political shit storm and too many people are buying into too much misinformation, lies, propaganda and general bullshit.

I'm not telling anyone NOT to wear a mask. I'm saying stop demanding EVERYONE else wear one. It's called freedom of choice, right? Besides, I can't spread what I don't have.

Protect the vulnerable. Which was proven long ago to be only the elderly or those with certain preexisting conditions.

Open businesses back up and let's get the economy we had 6 months ago back. It's already on it's way but, it should NEVER have gotten this bad to begin with. 

Why more businesses didn't stand up to Governor DeWine and others like him, before now is a mystery to me. They knew they were going to be hurting being completely closed for any amount of time and yet blindly followed the dictators' unconstitutional orders.