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Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Wondering

On a billboard near work, at a particularly long-winded traffic light, it says, "9 out of 10 Jackson Hewitt customers receive a tax refund".

From the first time I read that, I thought, "So? That says more about the customers than it does the company." Doesn't it?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time For Change

Since the moonbats don't like the term "liberal", are calling themselves "progressives" and since they all think His Highness is all that. I say we coin a new term for them.

Let's call them, Obamans. And replace Liberalism with Obamism.

And since we know there will rarely be a veto for anything coming from the Obaman Congress, if His Highness does ever use his Presidential power to defeat a Bill, it will be known as being Barracked. As in, "President Obama just Barracked the latest tax cut Bill".

Just some thoughts.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Com-Post For HoosierBoy

[A Com-Post is where I use what was to be a comment on someone else's blog and it ended up being long enough for a post on my own blog. Why waste my witty, insightful prose on someone else's blog when mine is in such need of content?]

In response to Seatbelt Laws and the Boston Tea Party over at Fat In Indiana I offer:

I know this is more a big vs. small government discussion and the seatbelt law was just the catalyst that got it going. (And I'm all for LESS government) However, on the seatbelt law, I have just a little different perspective. As a former firefighter, I have been on many MVA's (Motor Vehicle Accidents).

I believe the seatbelt law is another of those intrusive laws based on flawed, slanted statistics. Yeah, I've seen all those crash-test dummy videos and driver's training movies. Vehicles moving in a straight line into other vehicles or obstacles. In a controlled environment. All they prove is that the seatbelt will hold you in place during a crash. Which isn't always a good thing.

I remember an MVA where the steering wheel was crushed into the back of the drivers seat. Would you have wanted to be strapped in place for that? In this case, the driver was thrown free and although hurt and laying in the road, survived. At another, I don't recall whether a belt was in use or not, I removed the driver's body, from behind the steering wheel, after removing part of the door frame from his body. If he was wearing the belt, it didn't help. If he wasn't, it didn't matter.

I've arrived on scene of numerous rollover MVA's where I (and other's with me) swore we'd be calling in Lifeflight and working for most of the "golden hour" just to remove a badly injured victim(s). Instead we located the unbelted driver sitting at a nearby house with little or no injury.

Have I been to scenes where someone was wearing a seatbelt and survived? Sure. That were wearing, but didn't survive?. Absolutely. I've also seen where seatbelts caused not only contusions, but internal injuries at least as bad as similar unbelted victims.

Saying that seatbelts saved X number of lives last year (or ever), isn't a provable statistic, in my opinion.

There is no way to prove, after a real-life MVA, that a person who wasn't killed while wearing a seatbelt, would have been killed if he wasn't wearing one. Think about that. THAT incident shouldn't be used to prove a seatbelt saved a life. It's based on speculation, because there is no way to prove what would have happened, only what might have happened. Whereas in my first example, it is pretty clear that having been held in place WOULD have been fatal.

Every single accident is unique. They happen at different speeds, angles and road conditions. The vehicles are of varying sizes. The obstacles they hit, including each other, are of varying sizes, weights and durability. Newer vehicles still have full strength frames and structure, whereas older vehicles are weakened by corrosion and age.

There are costs involved with ANY car accident and whoever is found to be at fault for causing the accident should be responsible, either personally or through his insurance if he has it, for paying any costs involved regardless if anyone wearing or not wearing a seatbelt is injured.

I'm skeptical that the statistics used to warrant this personal intrusion are provable beyond any reasonable doubt. I'm skeptical anytime the government wants to intrude on personal liberty.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

gottagetdrunkfirst: How it all began

You have to go read this:
gottagetdrunkfirst: How it all began

This should be taught in every history class! It's at least as true as half the shit they teach now!

Whose Money?

Heard some bimbo reporter on the radio this morning talking about a car show going on somewhere and she used that 2-word phrase that clenches my jaw and raises my blood pressure; Government money.

She was talking how the car show was toned down from the usually extravagant style in light of the car manufacturers not wanting to appear flashy after accepting "Government money".

Dear Bimbo Reporter, All Journalists, Reporters, Teleprompter Readers and Liberals,

There is NO Government money. The Government doesn't create a profit. It TAKES money from those willing to work for it and hands it out to those who won't take responsibility for their own affairs.

That is The People's money. The Government is simply the re-distributor of The People's money. It's NOT the Government's money and please refrain from calling it that from now on. Call it what it is; THE PEOPLE'S MONEY.

I hope I have made it clear that this is The People's money.


Thank you,

The People (Whose money is being redistributed)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

When It's Cold Outside

Make it chili inside.

Nothing fancy, just basic ingredients and real mild. No hot spices to cover up all the good flavor. And after 4 hours in the crockpot, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, MMM!

Oh yeah, we did get snow. About 4-5 inches overnight, which I plowed this morning and about another 1-2 inches today. Little or no wind, so no drifting. Just light fluffy snow.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome To The Chicken Little School of Weather Forecasting

Oh doom, Oh gloom! They're predicting, yet again, catastrophic winter weather for this weekend. Dumping 3-5" tonight and another 5 or 6 feet tomorrow, followed by the fucking apocalypse come Sunday.

So, everyone run out and binge shop this afternoon for water, Oreos, Doritos and toilet paper.

Fire up the kerosene heaters and don't forget to fill all the gas cans for the snowblowers. The oil companies need the money.

Me? I'll worry about it when it actually piles up on the ground. Hell, it's the weekend. I have 'til Monday morning to dig out. IF a single flake even falls.

See you on the other side.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Minnesota Screwed?

It's looking more and more like Al Franken (urp! Sorry I just regurgitated some of my breakfast into the back of my mouth) is going to be handed the Senate seat in Minnesota.

I say good for them! Let them have him. Hell, if the people of that frozen-ass state want to elect a washed-up, has-been (never-was?) comedian to represent their best interest in the U.S. Senate, so be it. They get what they deserve.

He's obviously qualified... oh wait. What the fuck do qualifications have to do with anything in politics? The moonbats just elected an inexperienced community activist, with a record for voting "present" in the Senate, as the POTUS. Shit, Franken (urp! Sorry) should be his Chief of Staff!

WTF are those people in Minnesota thinking, eh? Hey! I know. They figure since he was only a slightly less then mediocre comedian and did one semi-funny skit back in the '70's as half of a comedy team, then they're saving the rest of us from enduring anymore of the unfunny shit he's been spewing for the last 30+ years.

Yea, they're sacrificing the future of their frozen asses to save the rest of us.

THANK YOU, Minnesota. May you reap what you sow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Time Off Means Time Off

I have neither posted here nor read any blogs since December 23. I found plenty of other things to abmuse myself with while not going to work for 12 days.

None of those things involved accomplishing what I had planned to do however, since I was overtaken by a damn cold on the 27th and still churning lung butter and blowing nose jelly out by the fist load.

I haven't had a cold in at least 2 years. This really sucks.

Hope y'all are enjoying the New Year and being back to work. I know I am.

Well, on to read those 119 blog entries backing up my Feed Reader.