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Friday, January 20, 2017

America's Recovery Begins Today, January 20, 2017

On The First Day Of Recovery

Don't kid yourself. Obama occupying the White House was an addiction. An addiction of the low-life scum he aided and abetted by giving them free shit. Free to them.

As Betsy DeVos reminded Senile Senator Bernie Socialist Sanders the other day, Nothing is truly free. Somebody has to pay for it. The problem is, the people getting "stuff" for free and their enablers in the Communist Socialist Democratic party, don't give a shit who pays for it as long as it isn't any of them.

The reason for the protests riots by the media-brainwashed, gimme-free-shit-for-life-junkies is they know the supply route for free stuff is in jeopardy. So, what do these grey-matter-lacking morons do? Why, they break windows of businesses that have nothing to do with the election and in most cases probably sided with them in the election. They cause other massive property damage, both private and public. They start fires. They throw things at Law Enforcement Officers.

Way to show your well-known true colors, Assholes.

A gang of overgrown kindergartners throwing stompy foot tantrums because their free toys are getting taken away. Fucking WAH!

President Trump is the interventionist who's going to start the recovery process. And these goons would rather riot and destroy things than take what's coming. Or should I say lose what's being taken away. No free fix today Snowflakes. You're headed for withdrawal and you can't stand it. So, you break shit. Just what the fuck does that prove besides you're all ill-educated on what America is and hooked on what your Communist educators brainwashed you into believing it should be.

Look, we felt just as screwed and raw when Obama was elected. And then ignorantly reelected. But, show me any instance of Republicans rioting. Were there protests. Hell yeah! Ever heard of the TEA Party? But, did they riot and break things? Or did they organize and communicate their wishes through proper & legal channels? Let me get this one for you, Binky-Suckers. It's the latter.

So, the sooner you grow-up and stop the insanity, the sooner America's true recovery can begin. Actually, as of Noon today, it did begin. But, with your craniums implanted deep up your colons, you're going to miss it. Hopefully while rotting in some jail cell in Mexico. That's right, time to deport the real deplorable's.

I realize this message is lost and wasted  on those who are opposing President Trump. That's what they do. They blame the wrong people for their misconstrued misgivings; they riot; they destroy everything in their path that isn't theirs and some things that are theirs. Their neighborhoods. Their towns. Their cities.

It's time these people get a real education in Law Enforcement and properly educated in the American Way. Not their Socialist way.

Breaking shit doesn't fix shit. Get it? No? Figures.