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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Banned From Facebook for Posting This Meme LMFAO

2/15 Edit: Can't believe I just had to re-upload this image. I'm guessing maybe some butt-hurt, whiny-ass punk whined to Google Gestapo or some tool at Google took it upon them self to censor it. If you're going to provide a platform for people to express themselves, then censor shit that sensitive snowflakes find offensive, well....the fuck is this, Russia? There is NO RIGHT to NOT BE OFFENDED.

Understand people have differing points of view and move the fuck on.  That's what I do when I see something I disagree with. But no, other people have to go running to the Censor Nazis to save their precious jelly-like psyches. Buck-up snowflake. As my disclaimer above states, don't like it, move on and don't come back.

It IS that simple!  

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